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Honda 4 Stroke AT Scooter Engine Oil is a Superior Quality Genuine Engine Oil recommend for all 4-stroke Honda AT engines. It conforms to the international specifications of SAE 10W30 JASO MB. This has been developed keeping in mind the modern riding conditions and to ensure optimum performance of the engine. Enriched with special additives, it improves the hydrodynamic lubrication, controlling friction and minimising wear and abrasion. Better lubricity – Reduces wear and keeps engine young. High detergency – Better cleaning, prolongs engine life. Increases fuel economy. Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oil provides the following benefits compared to other:

A lubricant that overpowers the frictional resistance to reduce wear & tear and gives your engine a longer life.
An oil to seal the clearances within your engine and gives you maximum power of your engine.
Oil that cools and soothes your engine under extreme conditions of heat.
Oil that not only lubricates but also cleans, to give your engine sludge free life.
Anti Rust
An unseen but vital role played to prevent your engine's metallic parts from corrosion.
Fuel Economy
Oil that resists oxidation & prevents itself from thickening , thus reduced friction and better fuel economy

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Honda Genuine 4-Stroke Scooter Engine Oil SAE 10W30 MB


For all Honda Scooters

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