You are welcome at Shyamhonda.com for doing your search. Thank You for using our services. We hope you have a great experience using our site and find it worthy enough to invest your precious time in. By using the website you agree to following terms and conditions in the agreement. :

  1. Vehicle sale/booking can be done in boundaries of Indore and Dhar district only.
  2. Shipping charges are applicable outside Indore and Kukshi Delivery challan/invoice/rto/insurance will be made by the name given at the time of booking.
  3. Customer can do the booking of vehicle by paying Rs.1000. booking will be preceded on the basis of availability of product not value of booking amount.
  4. Any type of increase in rate will be applicable at the time of delivery.
  5. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  will try to make delivery on time.
  6. Customer can cancel his booking by giving a valid reason, and get his amount refunded, being 250 booking cancellation charges.
  7. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  does not commit to deliver on fixed day or date or festival. Vehicle will be delivered on availability of product basis only.
  8. If a customer processes for booking, it will be considered that he accepts the terms and conditions of booking.
  9. Delivery of vehicle will be done after full payment only. Difference can be paid by customer in cash/cheque/neft/rtgs
  10. In case payment is done through
    1. Cheque: Vehicle will be delivered after clearing of cheque in bank account; if cheque is bounced/dishonored by bank, cheque return charge will be beared by customer.
  11. While taking the delivery customer has to deposit passport size photograph, and ID/address proof (Aadhar card, voter id, passport, LIC bond) compulsorily.
  12. Driving vehicle without registration is a fineable crime. So do not drive vehicle on road before registration and registration no. Customer will be responsible for any type of penalty /challan /or any criminal case. Therefore, do not drive without proper rto registration.
  13. Registration card is delivered by RTO at customers address; thereby dealership is not responsible for failure in delivery of the same.
  14. Present rates will be applicable at the time of delivery; tax will also be applicable as on prevailing at the time of delivery.
  15. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  is not responsible for choice no. if a customer is willing to take choice no, the charge/penalty and time required to be beared by the customer. In case, the customer doesn’t get the choice no. the amount will be refunded for the same.
  16. From claim related to vehicle insurance contact IFFCOTOKIO 4080100 OR ICICI Lombard 1802666(toll free). If insured by these companies.
  17. If customer is facing problem after service, he/she can bring and get his/her vehicle checked within 7 days of billing. (Bringing the bill is compulsory)
  18. Check the vehicle completely before taking the delivery
  19. For the validity of warranty and extended warranty
    1. Customer is suppose to get his vehicle service on the basis of schedule (4 services in motorcycle and 4 services in scooter in a year). There must not be gap more than 3 months or difference more than 3000km between the services. For more details refer service book.
    2. Due to mixture in petrol, engine turns red; problems caused by the same are not covered under warranty.
    3. Any kind of extra wiring, pressure horn, remote control, useage as milk vehicle, pickingheavy material on vehicle, or tripling and various which harm engine/chassis/various parts. Customer will be responsible for such cases and warranty will be lapsed. Dealership will not be responsible for the same.
    4. All the free services provided by the company are to be done on a scheduled basis (according To the norms) and are to be done within 365 days from sale date. Warranty will be lapsed if not done.
  20. Warranty claim is sent to the company by the means of computer. Thereby not doing it on regular basis leads to warranty lapse.
  21. After the warranty repair and before the delivery of vehicle, customer has to [pay the amount of parts and work that does not come under warranty like oil, nutbolts, parts of wear and tear, etc.
  22. For more details refer service book, it has list of parts which can and cannot be changed under warranty.
  23. Only oil leakages warranty is given in shock absorber. It can be changed only if claim is accepted by the manufacturing company.
  24. For battery claim, customer has to give 3 days or more. Bill and warranty card is mandatory. Claim will be registered by manufacturing company; battery will be replaced only after the acceptance of claim request.
  25. Claim of tyre and tube will be given by manufacturing company. There is no guarantee for cut or puncture.
  26. Check glass, fiber, plastic parts before delivery. Dealership will not be responsible later.
  27. Every replacement will be preceded after inspection and acceptance by the Honda Company
  28. Tyre pressure must be checked every week by digital meter and should be maintained as per schedule.
  29. After completion of free services, if vehicle is running on dusty or stoned road, servicing and oil must be changed every 2 months or2000km.
  30. Clutch shoe/plate, brake shoe/ clutch plate/disk pad, chain spoket , shower rod, and parts which wear and tear, do not come under warranty/guaranty
  31. Make some time for servicing of your vehicle, for its better life.
  32. In case of buying helmet, accessories, merchandise; amount of product can be paid by payment gateway and the transportation will have to be paid through neft/rtgs to our bank account before the dispatch. Details about transportation charges will be given to customer through a call by our executive.
  33. Dispatch will be done after the whole payment has been received by us. Delivery will be done 3-4 working days of dispatch.
  34. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  provides a number of Internet-based services through the Web Site (all such services, collectively, the “Service”). One such service enables users to purchase vehicle, accessories, merchandise, helmets. (Collectively, “Products”). Upon placing an order, Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  shall ship the product to you and be entitled to its payment for the Services.
  35. By providing your data, you agree to be communicated by us via email and sms to facilitate your navigation of and shopping from the website. We may communicate promotional offers periodically and as and when required.
  36. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.  reserves the right to change/modify/add/delete any of the terms and conditions prevailing on the different promotional schemes it introduces in market from time to time. Shyam Sangam Agencies and Shyam Sangam Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. , at its discretion, can withdraw a particular scheme from the website or market.
  37. In case of any query, email us at customer.care@shyamhonda.in.
  38. Customer satisfaction is our main motive.
  39. Subject to Indore jurisdiction.